The Year I Discovered Baseball

2010 was the year I discovered baseball.

Sure, I’d sat through plenty of my cousins’ little league games when I was a kid, but I never actually watched the game.  I watched the people in the stands.  I listened to my aunt’s conversations with all the other mothers.  I took my youngest cousin to the concession stand to get snowcones.  Anything to keep from having to sit there and watch what I considered the most boring game on earth.

photo courtesy 2wheelz

That’s what I’d always thought about baseball.  Until this past August.

A head injury caused me to not be able to do much of anything except watch television  – only I couldn’t watch very much.  And as much as I wanted to watch football – it was too fast.

And then one day, flipping through channels, I discovered baseball.

I remember finding a sense of contentment watching that game that I hadn’t felt since I hit my head.  I could mute the sound and still follow it.  Everything about it was calm.   I was an instant fan and no one was more thrilled when the Rangers made it to the World Series!

I was wrong about baseball.  Yeah, it’s slow but there’s something very dignified about it, even with all the scratching and spitting.  I’d always secretly admired the tradition of the game, but I just never allowed myself to slow down enough to get into it. Because it’s not cool to slow down.

Maybe my new respect for baseball reflects a broader change in my life.  I hope it means that I’m realizing the importance of slowing down and not always being in a hurry.  Of taking time to be still.  To spend lots of time talking to God.  Telling him everything I think.  ‘Til I finally get to the place where I’m curious as to what he thinks.  And then I start to listen.

I’ve been living in a three second world where I couldn’t just stand still on the escalator and wait for it to move me up or down.  The only way to get more was to move faster. And after awhile, living like that does something to you, you know?

I’m looking forward to eating a hotdog with my friends who always attend opening day at the Ballpark in Arlington this spring.  Maybe it’ll taste almost as good as those snowcones did with my cousin.  Maybe I’ll actually watch the game.


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  1. Summer says:

    Hey Sally…God is a baseball fan…says so in Genesis…In the Big Inning! Ha! I love baseball and I love me some Rangers. And, truly, the slowness of the game is part of the game.

    I hope you enjoy the game and I hope the Rangers win!

    1. sallygary says:

      I hope they win, too, Summer, but it won’t matter – it’s gonna be a great trip!

  2. Kathy says:

    Yay, Sally!! How I agree with you about my favorite sport, spectator sport, that is. There are many life lessons to be learned in baseball that are difficult for us to accept in other areas of our lives.

    Even when we give it our best, we may lose anyway. And like baseball, we can still be pleased with the heart and fight we gave to the game. And, when we lose one day, we know we get to do it all over again the next day, a game of daily do overs. 😉 [purists to the contrary.] lol
    We can’t buy success – look to the Yankees last season for a perfect example.
    There are many more but it’s your lovely blog, which I peek in on almost daily. Thank you for giving us a taste of your insights and wisdom, dear Sally!!

    Love you in Him!!

    Oh, and btw, I’m of another tribe than the Rangers….being a true baseball purist, I prefer the National League and Houston as a substitute for my beloved San Diego Padres. 🙂 and ~wink~

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