The Pressure’s On…..

Baseball is the one game where there’s no hiding.  

In other sports you can blame mistakes on a variety of things. 

But in baseball, you’re either the hero or the idiot who lost the game for us.  

You’re either the pitcher who walked too many and got the bases loaded.  Or gave away too many hits. 

Or the batter up with two outs who strikes out in the last inning. 

Or the outfielder who missed the ball because 

  • the sun was in your eyes
  • you were scratching
  • you were spitting
  • all of the above 

Or maybe the ball really was too high for you to jump and catch. 

I think that’s what happened to Nelson Cruz last night.

And that one missed ball led to a whole series of events that led the Cardinals to their third win in the Series.

How’d you like to be Nelson this morning?  Nobody really blames him.  But it’s this unspoken cloud of anxiety that whispers what everyone’s thinking…. 

“You know, if Cruz had just caught that ball, they never would’ve tied it up like that.” 

Couldn’t Cruz have jumped a little higher?  Extended his arm a little more? 

And if he could’ve, maybe the Texas Rangers would already have their first title. 

So the pressure’s on again tonight. 

Enormous pressure. 

To not mess up. 

You could get so caught up in trying to not mess up that you lose the joy of playing the game. 

A lot of us do.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Julie Tracy says:

    My goodness!! What a World Series!! Hats off to the Rangers!! Such a classy team!! I was torn on who I wanted to win! I’m a born and raised Cards fan, but I love the Rangers, too!! And I need to get a Texas shirt! It’s missing from my wardrobe!! Great post!!

  2. dan gary says:

    we watched and waited for the Rangers to WIN, but it didn’t happen. We get to watch another one tonight.

  3. Zack Smith says:

    I’m with my dad on this one… It’s all about the Benjamins… Meaning they will drag this thing out to the last game. Period. Maybe that was a little cynical, eh… 🙂

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