It Really IS About the Food

Let’s just all admit it.

Thanksgiving is about the food.

That’s why everybody and his dog was at Sam’s this past weekend.

And why Walmart has been even more unbearable than usual the last couple of weeks.

Because people who are organized and plan ahead have been stocking up groceries for the meal of the year.

Half of those same women – pardon me for being sexist here – have been watching Martha Stewart all month to hear again how to fix the perfect Thanksgiving turkey.

The other half have bought one of those turkey fryers they sell on infomercials right before Larry the Cable Guy comes on CMT.  Not that I watch CMT.

Thanksgiving dinner at my parents' house probably 1983, 1984. My aunt and uncle and cousins from Oklahoma were with us, along with my uncle from Colorado.

I love Thanksgiving dinner.

Dark turkey meat, because the white meat’s too dry.  Ham.  Dressing and cranberry sauce.  Sweet potatoes, but not with those disgusting marshmallows on top.  Green beans.  And the jello salads my mother used to make – lime with cream cheese, pineapple and pecans, cranberry and five cup salad with those little mandarin oranges and coconut.

Of course we also had to have sautéed pearl onions and mashed potatoes for my cousins who still won’t eat sweet potatoes.  And ketchup.  No matter how pretty the table was, they made sure a bottle of ketchup always ended up there.

And the minute we finished scarfing all that down, we loaded up on pie.

Pumpkin pie with real whipped cream.

Pecan pie with complete halves, none of those crushed pecans in my mother’s pie. 

With homemade crust crimped around the edges as though Martha herself had baked it.

Even the mincemeat pie with latticed crust on top looked delicious.

But that didn’t fool me.  Mincemeat is just plain nasty, no matter how you dress it up.

We had more to eat than we knew what to do with.  Always have.

Yesterday was Sack Sunday where I go to church.  The one time a year where we make this big push to restock the food bank.  Everybody’s supposed to fill a sack with groceries and then bring it down to the front during the Sunday morning service.  It’s an amazing sight to see all that food piled up. 

Of course I went off and forgot my sack. 

But I bet they’ll take it later. 

Somehow no matter how much we eat Thursday, we’re always hungry again on Friday.

And the people we feed right now will be hungry in July.

Christian Ministries of Abilene Food Pantry.







6 Comments Add yours

  1. dan gary says:

    You have made me hungry and I have just eaten breakfast! Sounds just like what we have always wanted and had.

    1. sallygary says:

      Just a few more days…looking forward to seeing y’all!

  2. Lisa Trousdale says:

    Thank you for sharing. Nice picture and summary of Thanksgiving early ’80s.

    1. sallygary says:

      We’ve shared quite a few of those Thanksgiving dinners, haven’t we?! Think we’re coming to Norman this week – will you and the boys be in town or are you going to Tulsa? Sure hope we get to see y’all!

  3. nathanalbert says:

    Thanks for making me starving at work! 🙂

    1. sallygary says:

      Sorry, Nathan — stay focused — Thursday’s coming!

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