Watching Parades

Front of Macy's in New York City, all ready for the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Two years ago I went to New York City for Thanksgiving.

After decades of watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on television every year, I was finally going to experience it in person. 

The weather was overcast, but dry – perfect weather for a parade – and awfully cold – one of those days that I was glad I’d packed my Under Armour.

I wormed my way through the crowd, my drawl giving away that I was from Texas every time I said  “ ‘scuse me.”  One woman yelled at me and told me I needed to go back where I came from, but most of the people gathered were really nice.  

We all shared camera space and moved out of the way for each other’s pictures.

And we took turns identifying the celebrities on the floats whom no one recognized.

It was especially helpful with Gloria Gaynor. 

And Cyndi Lauper. 

I felt my age when some teenager asked, “who’s she?”

The giant balloons were amazing.  Spiderman.  Ronald McDonald.  Buzz Lightyear.  Dora the Explorer.  Kermit the Frog.

And my personal favorite, the Pillsbury Doughboy. 

What fascinated me most were the 20 or 30 people walking underneath those balloons, each holding onto a line tethered to the balloon to keep it in place.  

Like puppeteers in reverse.

Then somehow I noticed the buildings on either side of me.  I looked closer.

People were glued to every window in the buildings.

Maybe they had lived there for years and this was just an annual holiday tradition. 

Or maybe they were watching it for the very first time.

Watching these two little ones was the best part of the parade to me! Their faces lit up, wide-eyed, in anticipation of every new balloon. And when they saw Dora the Explorer rounding the corner, they jumped for joy!

Like children. 

Watching their faces light up when the next balloon rounded the corner, well, that was even better than the Pillsbury Doughboy. 

Made me forget that I was standing in the cold.   




One Comment Add yours

  1. Zack Smith says:

    Really? Cyndi Lauper? Ugh… Yup folks we officially have another child left behind… Seriously what do they teach these children these days. Sheesh.

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