Paying Attention

Well, it happened again.  Only four days into the new year and I got another one.

A speeding ticket. 

I’ve gotten so many of them now I don’t even remember the first time it happened.

I’ve sat through defensive driving four or five times now, I don’t remember, and it’s never made a difference in the way I drive. 

Maybe it does for some people. 

Maybe some people sit through those classes and they actually hear the statistics and think to themselves, boy, I’d better slow down.  I sure won’t drive like that again.

Maybe more information really does make a difference for them.

But it didn’t for me.

Especially the last time when I took the course online.

The kid who played the banjo at the beginning of Deliverance could’ve passed that defensive driving course….

It just doesn’t seem fair, you know?  I’m driving responsibly.  Not driving like a maniac. In fact, for the entire duration of this two hour trip I had the cruise control set on 73. 

Nobody stops you going 73 in a 70 limit zone.

  Except that there was this one stretch of road going through this little Podunk town.  And of course, for the minute and a half that it takes to drive past their combination gas station, post office, convenience store and “official last stop for hunting ammo and deercorn,” the speed limit goes down to 55.

 I hate going 55. 

 Oh well.    

 I’ll take the online course again.  Or just pay it.  And yes, it will go on my record.

 It will go on my record because for some reason I must’ve been absent that day in law school when they explained how to get tickets taken off of your record. 

Or maybe I wasn’t paying attention then either. 

Kinda like I missed that speed limit sign in Bellvue.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Debbie Johnson says:

    You are so unlucky! I’ve NEVER seen a policeman in Bellvue!!! Perhaps you should start your own defensive driving class. It would certainly be more entertaining than the typical class.

  2. Summer says:

    …I can’t drive 55! Ya gotta quit listening to Van Halen when ya drive…

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