Filling Our Need for Community

After all this time, I still love Seinfeld.  

I think I love Seinfeld for the same reason the generation after me loved Friends

Same reason for the social media craze. 

We’re starved for community.  Connection.  Finding a place to belong with people who aren’t your family, but who are your family

Because that’s the way God wired us, to be in relationship with one another.   To be connected.

Without that connection, we tend to lose our sense of self. 

And we’ll go searching until we find that connection, that community, that sense of belonging. 

For the past five and a half years I’ve served as the director of a non-profit ministry called CenterPeace, dedicated to providing safe places for men and women who experience same-sex attraction.  We help families and churches open conversations about homosexuality and better understand the needs of those of us who experience same-sex attraction.  

But my favorite part of the job is helping folks who feel isolated find community. 

Folks who haven’t found a place to belong. 

Folks who feel alienated from the very places we most often turn to for a sense of community – to family, to church, to friends.

Camp David is an event we host that provides community and spiritual renewal for men and women who experience same-sex attraction.

In this year-long spiritual formation project, the focus is on developing deeper intimacy with God.  Exploring our identity in Christ.   Seeking what it means to live holy lives when you experience same-sex attraction.  It begins with a three day weekend retreat at a ranch south of Fort Worth, TX.  We keep enrollment small so that people can really get to know each other and form a connection that will last over time.  And then over the next year, we’ll journey together through an online curriculum designed to help us grow in deeper relationship with God.

I won’t often use this venue to promote something we’re doing with CenterPeace, but I wanted to let you know that we have some slots available for the Camp David we’re offering in February – in case you or someone you know may want to attend. 

This may be just the thing they’ve been searching for. 

And don’t worry.  We don’t have anyone there who’s quite as goofy as Kramer. 

Well, on second thought, I’ll be there! 


For more information, click on the icons below, or

            Email me at  

            Visit our website  

            Check out our pictures from past Camp David retreats on our Facebook page 

And if you have way too much time on your hands, or you’re really interested in learning more about the intersect between homosexuality and Christianity, check out the new CenterPeace blog   ‘the missing peace.’


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