My Sonic Obsession

I love Sonic. 

Ever since I was a kid. 

It was a big deal in the summertime to go to the drive-in on Kemp Street and watch the servers skate out to your car, stopping on a dime without spilling your drink.

Back then Sonic also made swirl cones, with chocolate and vanilla soft-serve ice cream mixed together.

I loved those. 

As much as I hate to admit it, I like their corndogs, too.  Nothin’ like a wiener dipped in corn meal fried to a golden brown. 

It’s a wonder they don’t serve Spam on a stick. 

Don’t worry, I wouldn’t eat Spam.

But a foot-long chili cheese coney is heaven in a foil pouch.  I had my first in the fifth grade and spilled it all over myself in the backseat of the car. 

And where, besides Sonic or any school cafeteria, can you find crunchy, greasy tater tots?

There’s just something about going to a drive-in.  Especially as the weather gets warmer – when it’s still cool enough that you can roll the windows down and turn the car off and just sit there and wait on your order.  Without ever having to get out of the car. 

I don’t know why it’s still such a treat to me, but it is.

Maybe it’s because of the ice.  Or the fact that I can choose from 398,929 drink combinations, even though I usually order the same thing.

Vanilla Diet Dr. Pepper.  Easy ice. 

When it’s really hot outside, though, I may go for a fresh lime slush.  Or watermelon. 

And just in case you didn’t know already, don’t drink anything with blue coconut in it if you’re going to be up in front of people.

I made that mistake. Once. 

Maybe I like to go because it’s familiar.  I know what to expect. 

Maybe I just like to remember all the times I’ve been there before.  And the people who went with me.

Or maybe I’m just too lazy to get out of my car.


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  1. Steve Stafford says:

    As I am older than you I don’t remember my first sonic foot long. I do remember as a child that you only got to eat out at a fine dining establishment as a hamburger stand a few times a year and it was always a treat that you never could finish. Remember when they had pizza burgers, mmm.

    I lived with my Grandparents when the first McDonald’s opened-just two blocks from our house! My Grandparents wouldn’t let me eat there as they were suspect of it’s meat’s origins.

    However I got 25 cents a week allowance which would buy two comic books and a 5th avenue candy bar (at 5 cents each when all other bars were 10 cents). I forswore my necessary continued story lines in the next edition of fantastic four and the hulk and went to McDonald’s and for 19 cents got the best hamburger I’d ever had.

  2. Greg Pittman says:

    I’ve alway known in my heart that we were destine to be friends for life but you have reconfirmed it with your memories of the foot long cheese coney! MY ALL TIME FAVORITE!

    Don’t know if you remember but they used to sell “Pickle’os”, slices of dill pickle in cornmeal and deep fried. DELICIOUS!

    As far as I was concerned they were ALWAYS the coneys best friend. That and their companion the cherry-lime slushy.
    Now I’m craving it.

    Next time you come to visit me…..Forget the fancy restuarants, That’s where were going! Because being in the car with the windows rolled down, our feet kicked up and laughing with you is the only place I’d want to be!


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