Highways & Byways

Yesterday it was so cool at noon I took my lunch out on the front porch and sat in my green rocker while I ate. 

Chester enjoyed a few scraps that kept him from wandering off the porch and out into the street. 

Not that there’s any traffic in my neighborhood. 

Just folks driving home for lunch at that time of day. 

One of my neighbors was riding his bicycle past my house when he saw me out on the porch and circled back to chat awhile.  And before that, my friends from down the street pulled up in their van to say hello. 

Just like a scene out of Mayberry.

I’m surrounded by people I know and love.  People who would do absolutely anything for me.  People who have brought me food when I’ve been sick.  People who have taken me to the hospital and sat with me in the middle of the night. 

People who play Scrabble with me.

People who take walks with me around the neighborhood. 

People who let me know my sprinkler’s spewing or that I’ve left my garage door up again.  Or who walk my trashcan back up to the garage when I forget and leave it out by the curb.

We may not see each other every day, but I know they’re there. 

Maybe it’s because I also go to church with a lot of those people.

I have friends who live in big cities and small towns where they have a hard time finding that sense of community.

And I’m not so sure it’s for their lack of trying. 

Maybe we just get so comfortable with the neighborhood where we’ve lived for years that we forget new people move in.  

Looking for a place to belong. 

Maybe it’s time for a block party.  Invite the new neighbors.  The ones we still don’t know.  

You know, highways and byways. 

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