Last Day of School

For some of you, the summer break has already begun.

For others, it begins today.

For the rest of us, there is no summer break. 

I remember the first time that really sunk in – that I would get no summer vacation.  Period.  Not even time off for good behavior, because I hadn’t been at the firm long enough to earn any time off and still have vacation time left over for Christmas.

So the months of June, July and August became just like the rest of the year. 

It was awful at first.

And then I remembered what it was really like during the summer break from school. 

I was usually bored.

I missed seeing people. 

I missed having things to do.

Now granted, not having to get up early was sheer heaven.  Without a doubt, sleeping late was the thing I loved most about summer break.  If school had started at 10 a.m., I would’ve loved going year-round.

Well, probably not, because it’s not popular to enjoy going to school.

But the truth is, I did enjoy it. 

And there’s a certain sadness to the finality of the school year.  We all have to act like we can’t wait to get out of the building, but for lots of us, it’s a time of grieving the loss of moments.  Moments that formed bonds between classmates, between teachers and students.  Moments in which we learned something important, vital to who we’ll become, without even realizing it was so important at the time.  Moments that we’ll enjoy recounting with friends for decades to come, with lines like, “yeah, you remember the time we …” 

We grieve the moments that have shaped a part of us.  Moments that will never be exactly the same again. 

For now, though, we can’t wait for this day of ice cream trucks and swimming pools to begin. For trips to the lake and baseball games and summer camp.

I wonder how long it will take for moms to start hearing, “I’m bored.”


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