For my friends who teach….

This week a lot of my friends are getting their classrooms ready.  They’re going to assemblies and sitting through meetings, wishing they could just get back to the important stuff, like finishing lesson plans and bulletin boards and syllabi.  

Some of them are tired, because they’ve done it dozens of times.  Some of them are like I was 27 years ago, bouncing off the wall with excitement, anticipating the change I was going to make in the world because I was somebody’s teacher. 

After the third year of discussing how we were going to mark the attendance sheets, those meetings lost some of their flare for me, too. 

Meetings, taking attendance, and grading papers are the only things I don’t miss about teaching. 

When I moved into Abilene ISD and attended my first convocation with Charles Hundley as superintendent, I remembered why I wanted to teach in the first place.   

Because teachers really do make a difference.

Because teaching is ministry, especially in a public school.

Because next to being somebody’s parent, being a teacher is the most important job in the world.

And often, the least appreciated. 

So, my friends, as you sit through those meetings this week, and as you gripe and complain amongst yourselves that the summer’s over, remember why you do what you do. And remember that what you do is so special.  

Because the lives you’ll touch this year are, too.

When you need to be reminded, call me.  I’ll bring you lunch.


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  1. Kelvin says:

    Thanks Sally! Often in those meetings, it is overwelming to hear about all the changes we are going to do so that we can “teach” this next year. You reminded me what it is all about and I hope I still have it in me after the year that I had last year.

  2. One thing I have realized after being out of the classroom for several years now …my love for teaching has never subsided and I do believe…. once a teacher always a teacher…. even if it being a substitute when I am needed. 🙂

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