I’ve always loved my birthday. 

From the minute I opened my eyes that morning until the day sadly faded into the night and it was all over until the next year. 

I was the kid who went to school and proudly announced to everyone I saw that it was my birthday.

Even in college I told my band director that it was my birthday and before we dismissed practice that day, he announced it over the bullhorn and the band played happy birthday for me out on our parking lot practice field. 

I loved Charlie Traylor for doing that. 

I’ve had more than my share of parties and cake and presents and cards.  I learned that if you remind enough people ahead of time, you get more acknowledgement of your special day.

My tenth birthday fell on a Sunday so I marched up to the song leader at church before the service started and told him it was my birthday.  I told him that 304, 306 and 261 were my favorite songs and could he please lead them that morning. 

He did.

I’m not sure that Count Your Many Blessings, Trust and Obey, and Send the Light directly tied in to the preacher’s sermon that morning, but it sure made a little girl feel special. 

That’s what birthdays are supposed to do.  To remind us at least one day a year that people are glad we were born.

To say ‘I’m awfully glad Dan and Betty had a little girl so many years ago.’

And I’m so very thankful to get to celebrate with Dan and Betty again today. 

For all the years they’ve made my birthday – and countless days – so very special.

My mom and dad with me on my tenth birthday. Every year my mom made me a birthday cake, usually my favorite – carrot cake – complete with scalloped frosting around the edges and ‘Happy Birthday Sally!’ written across the top. We may not have carrot cake this year, but being able to celebrate another year with them is priceless.

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  1. Sherry says:

    We only children seem to have hit the jackpot on celebrations 😉 So very happy you’re with your parents today to celebrate *you*!! (And carrot cakes are THE best, always!! ;-)) Happy Birthday and blessings for the year ahead! ❤

  2. Millissa says:

    look @ that smile

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