At A Loss For Words



I’ve always loved playing Scrabble.

Growing up my mom and dad and I would play, and my dad, being the crossword puzzler that he is, would always play these two-letter words that my mom and I had never heard of and accuse him of cheating. 

Really, what normal person knows what a three-toed sloth is called? 

But we still had to watch him, because sometimes he did cheat.


In the last few months I’ve introduced him to Words with Friends, the online version of Scrabble.  It’s not so easy to cheat there, but he still comes up with words I don’t know. 



I just discovered the Scramble with Friends game this weekend and I like it, too.  I’m not any good yet, but I like it.







My pace at that game so far is like Tim Conway’s shuffling old man character he created on the Carol Burnett Show.  I figure it’ll be a good workout for my brain.

I like Words with Friends because you can play at your own pace.  You can spend all the time you want surveying the board to figure out what will make the most points.  Or you can just throw down the first word you see.  Sometimes I do that.  Kinda like my own personal version of “speed Scrabble.” 

It dawned on me the other day, as I was looking at my assortment of letters in one of the games I’m playing where I had four “A”s, an “O,” an “E,” and an “I,” that this game requires some luck. 

I ended up playing a lot of words like “is” and “of.” 

Some games like that I end up losing by a hundred points….or more. 

At those times I have to remind myself that I’m not stupid. 

Oh, there’s skill involved, all right.

But, like life, a lot of it depends on the letters you get dealt.

And there’s only so much you can do with a “Q” if you ain’t got a “U.”


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