Friends With (and Without) Titles

We’re getting closer to putting a book together…..

A couple of weeks ago I met with Dr. Leonard Allen, director of Leafwood Press, who’s publishing the book I’ve been working on for the last several months.

I’ll never forget the day Leonard asked me if I’d thought about a title for the book.

It was pretty early on in the process, and I didn’t know him very well at that point.  I wasn’t quite sure what he’d think.  The whole staff was sitting around the room when I said sheepishly, “what do you think of,

‘Loves God, Likes Girls?’”

He sat very still, looking straight ahead, expressionless, as I explained.

“More than anything,” I said, “I want this book to convey two messages.  First, to help Christians understand that homosexuality ‘happens’ to men and women who come from good Christian homes, who love God and feel a deep desire to stay connected to their faith.

“That we care about living a life that’s pleasing to God.

“That we’re actively involved in our churches.

“That we’ve grown up in church and can’t imagine not being part of a faith community.

“Many times, though, we’re just very quiet about this aspect of our lives, because we’ve not felt safe to talk about our sexuality among fellow believers.

“I want to dispel the myth that someone who experiences same-sex attraction or identifies as gay must have completely turned away from God and walked away from church,” I continued. 

“That’s just not true.  It’s certainly not been my experience.

“But more importantly, I want this book to be for anyone who’s ever thought that if he’s gay, he has no place with God.  That there’s no room for her in church.

“Because that’s not true either.”

Slowly, a smile came across Leonard’s face.

“I like it,” he said.

We had ourselves a title.


Throughout the next several months, over cups of coffee I found a new friend.  A kindred spirit of compassion in this publisher brave enough to take on a greenhorn like me.

Even if it doesn’t sell, I come out way ahead. 




12 Comments Add yours

  1. Debra Howard says:

    Stopping by to say hello to you dearie. I’m the Debbie who sat near you this past weekend at HeartSync. Reading your blog (it’s great by the way) and looking it over. Drop me a line by email and we can talk it over. I need to bone up on WordPress but I bet we can figure something out for you.

  2. Will says:

    Sally- I love that you are using your story of God’s redeeming love and power to tell many truths that need to be shared. Man how I miss thursday nights at your home!! May God bless you for pouring your heart into others lives, as well as the process of this book! I can’t wait for a copy!! Love, Will

    1. sallygary says:

      Oh, how we miss you, Will! And you will have a copy hot off the press – love you, brother!

  3. This also reminds me of Landon Saunders words, “All labels are libels.”

  4. I look forward to buying one, and then buying many more to give to those who will benefit from your words.

  5. djlazzell says:


    I thank God for you and your journey! My heart is sad that no one ever took this stand before and I’ve spent decades destroying so many good things in my life because my family, my church, my home told me how evil and worthless I am. Of course, this meant God felt the same.

    Thank you for writing this book, for having a heart for others and speaking a loving message to the church.

    1. sallygary says:

      Isn’t it good news to know that God doesn’t feel that way? To know that there’s absolutely nothing we could ever think or say or feel or do that will change his enormous love for us? That’s the gospel – hold onto that truth and know that you’re loved, right where you are. I pray you’ll not just know that in your head, but feel it in your heart. Clear down to your toes!

  6. Lisa says:

    I love that title. Perfectly said. Can’t wait to read it! I will want my copy signed:)

    1. sallygary says:

      No worries, Lisa – you’ll have one!

  7. nathanalbert says:

    I can’t wait to read it! I know plenty of people in that position right now who desperately need guidance and if anything just the comfort of knowing that God loves them. As always, you’re awesome.

    1. sallygary says:

      I love you, Nathan, you always make me feel good! And tell your friends they can call me any time.

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