Eternal Friends

I have some pretty amazing friends.
eternal threads logoI don’t remember when I met Linda Egle, but it was in a Bible class at my church on a Sunday morning over a decade ago.  She talked about the ministry she had started called Eternal Threads.  On that particular Sunday she was telling us about making a trip to India, helping women and girls who had no source of income to learn a trade so they could make a living for themselves.
Empowering women with abilities they already had.
Giving them worth.  Value.
In a culture where being a girl isn’t valued very highly, if at all.
Somehow we started eating lunch on Sundays after church and talking endlessly about any and everything. About what life is like for a single woman who directs a non-profit.
And so over lots of chips and salsa at Chili’s, we’ve griped and complained and laughed and cried on each other’s shoulders.
Sometimes months pass and we realize we’re both back in town at the same time, so we get together and hash over life since the last time we saw each other.  And sometimes we go see a movie.
Linda speaking
I think of Linda every time I board a plane.  She used to be an international flight attendant for United Airlines and I can just imagine that you wouldn’t keep your cell phone on if she was on your flight.  With all the grace of the English villagers she once lived amongst, mixed with the ‘get it done or bust a gut trying’ determination of a Nebraska farm girl raised with four brothers, she’d make sure your carry-on was stowed away in an overhead bin.
Or you would be.
You don’t want to mess with this woman.
Especially when it comes to getting in the way of the Kingdom dream she’s been called to – combatting injustice, fighting sex-traffickers.  Rescuing little girls all over the world from atrocities most of us can’t even fathom.Linda Egle
What my friend Linda does is so incredible that MedAssets honored her with their 2012 Humanitarian Award. (Watch the video here. 
And if you want to know more about Eternal Threads, visit their website.
See, I told you I had amazing friends. 




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