Time Heals All Wounds?

This past week I spent time with a Christian school for K-12 students in Alamogordo, New Mexico.  The closest place to fly in to was El Paso.  Hesitantly, I agreed.
El Paso 
You see, I don’t have the best track record with El Paso.
And yesterday, when I was flying home, of course, my plane got delayed “out in the west Texas town of El Paso.”
No offense to Marty Robbins.
The first time I went out there I was supposed to judge the Texas Forensic Association’s annual state speech and debate tournament.  I ended up spending three nights in the hospital for an emergency appendectomy.
The next time was when I was knocked unconscious on a flight from Lubbock to San Diego.  A briefcase fell out of an overhead bin and landed on my forehead.  So Southwest Airlines made an emergency landing in El Paso. 
I wound up in the same hospital.
During this trip, though, I managed to make it in and out of El Paso without having to go to the hospital.
And I’m thankful for that.
One of the high school students I got to visit with this week at Legacy Christian Academy asked me a great question.  He wanted to know if the pain we experience when we’re young ever goes away.  “Like when people tell you that ‘time heals all wounds.’”
I instantly remembered the pain I had felt in those two trips to the hospital in El Paso.
I can still see the scar from the surgery.  And when asked if I prefer an aisle or window seat on a plane, well, you can probably guess which one I’ll choose.
But I could honestly tell him that those pains had gone away.
I think it’s the same for pains of the heart.
I don’t know that I agree that ‘time heals all wounds.’  I just know the One who created time can.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dan Gary says:

    You Bet! God can heal all wounds!

    1. sallygary says:

      Don’t we know it, Daddy?! So thankful for you. Looking forward to seeing you and Mama later today to celebrate Mother’s Day weekend!

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