Top Ten Favorite Moments With My Mom

10.  Eating pimento cheese sandwiches at the lunch counter at English Pharmacy in Parker Square.
9.  The time she got out of the car at a stoplight to invite the people in the car just ahead of us to come over for sandwiches on our way home from church one Sunday night.  Just as she got up to the driver’s window, she realized the people in the car weren’t who she thought they were.  And the light turned green.
8.  Watching her dance ‘the Charleston.’
7.  Sitting next to her on the piano bench trying to figure out what notes she was playing so I could play songs on the piano like she did.  She played by ear.  Any bar in New Orleans would’ve hired her.
6.  Eating her meatloaf.  Or anything else she cooked.
5.  When I was sixteen and she went with me into an Irish pub at a hotel on the riverwalk in San Antonio so I could buy one of their T-shirts that said “Dirty Nelly’s” on the front. And then she let me wear it.  But not to church.
4. Going to the Cake Box bakery for a brownie and a glass of milk for a good report card. Even when I made a ‘C’ in math.
3.  When I was thirteen and she took me in the Army/Navy surplus store because that’s where you bought the bellbottomed jeans with a cuff that everyone else was wearing at school.
2.  Watching Mary Poppins.
1.  The day she tearfully explained to me driving home from school that Santa Claus hadn’t made enough Charlie McCarthy ventriloquist dolls for all the boys and girls that wanted one that year, so I wouldn’t be getting one for Christmas.  It was okay.  I got one for Valentine’s Day instead.
Fifty-one years of moments.  Awfully hard to narrow them down to ten.  Grateful for all of them.
Wishing a happy Mother’s Day to my mom….
At my mom's 91st birthday party this past year.
At my mom’s 91st birthday party this past year.



7 Comments Add yours

  1. nathan says:

    love it.

  2. What a beautiful tribute to your mom! Moms are so precious!

    1. sallygary says:

      Yes, Tracy, thank you. Thinking of you especially today. And looking forward to seeing you and Colton when you visit Abilene soon!

  3. Lisa McVey says:

    Hey, what about the time she took off her pantyhose under the table at that steak place in Abilene? That has to rank up there! LOVE that picture at her birthday party. Tell her Happy Mother’s Day for me..

    1. sallygary says:

      Definitely ranks up there! I had forgotten about that, but that’s one of the best stories! It was actually her girdle….that was after my oral interp recital our senior year of college and we had gone to Steak and Ale to eat afterward, remember? My mom and dad had driven down to attend my recital and it had been a long day. Especially long if you’d been teaching third graders wearing a girdle all day! So in the privacy of our corner table, careful to make sure no one was watching, she pulled it off right there at the table! And we laughed our heads off. Glad you reminded me of that, Lisa!

      1. nathan says:

        thinking of girdles— my grandma once forgot where she put all of hers. she asked each of us grandkids where they were. come to find out, they were all spread out on all her couches in her guest den in her house. luckily no one had showed up as company for the last few days when she was washing them and laid them out to dry. we told her where they were, she got so embarrased, she thought the grandkids had prob cut them out to make slingshots with them or something!

      2. sallygary says:

        That’s hysterical, Nathan – thanks for sharing!

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