No Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving

Yesterday was the day elementary teachers always asked you to draw a picture of how you spent Thanksgiving.

Now that I’m older, I realize that assignment is as much for the benefit of teachers as it’s just fun for the kids.  After a holiday you have to ease back into the routine of school slowly.

When my first grade teacher asked us to draw what we did for Thanksgiving, I’m sure she didn’t expect to see what I drew.

That happened to be the year that my mother’s first cousin, Hazel, and her husband, George, drove down from Oklahoma City to spend Thanksgiving with us.

I don’t remember anything about the day except for the fact that we spent most of the afternoon at the city dump.

You see, Hazel loved antiques and for a while she had a booth at a consignment shop.

So any time they had the opportunity to look for junk that might be somebody else’s treasure in a new place, well, they took advantage of it.  Since all the secondhand stores were closed on Thanksgiving Day, the only place we could go was the city dump.

That’s why I drew a huge brown mound of dirt with stick figure people all around it for my Thanksgiving picture.

My teacher, Mrs. Simons wandered around the room, examining all of our drawings. She stopped at my desk, picked up the paper, and chuckled, “oh my, what a big turkey you had for dinner!”

Of course I corrected her, explaining to her that we had spent the day rummaging through all the junk at the city dump.

I don’t remember how Mrs. Simons responded to that, but that night when I told my mother about the picture and Mrs. Simons’ comment, she was horrified.

Oh well. Norman Rockwell wouldn’t have painted a picture of it, but everybody got along and we had a good time just being together.

That’s all that matters when you’re six.  And when you’re 86.

So what would you draw this year?


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  1. Julie Shearer says:

    Now that we are heading in to Christmas and it usually comes with stresses of gifts and other preps, I wish it was more like Thanksgiving…Yes, food prep is alot, but its more about being together, perhaps a board or card game or chatting…no worrying about shopping (don’t get me wrong, I love giving)…this is what I crave for my Christmas holiday with my sister’s family up in Canada this year.

  2. Peggy Corder says:

    Loving on a new grandbaby boy…..along with the other two munchkins and their parents, of course! Happy Holidays to you!

    1. sallygary says:

      What a lucky little boy he is! Much love to all of you, Peggy – hope your holidays are happy, too!

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